Still no sign of life from Nardi and Ballard

Zero visibility on Nanga Parbat

We defend ourselves internally against it. However, slowly, but surely the hope of being able to find the climbers Daniele Nardi and Tom Ballard, who are missing on Nanga Parbat, alive is fading. For six days there has been no sign of life from the 42-year-old Italian and the 30-year-old British. Thick clouds hid the 8,125-meter-high mountain on this Saturday and prevented again that the rescue action could be continued. As the weather was also bad on K2, the plan to take the Spaniard Alex Txikon and three of his team members by helicopter to Nanga Parbat could not be implemented. Txikon and Co. want to support Muhammad Ali “Sadpara” and two other Pakistani mountaineers in their search for Nardi and Ballard, among others things by using two drones.

Donation campaign on the Internet

There are indications that Daniele and Tom were hit by an avalanche in their attempt to completely climb the “Mummery Rib”, a striking rock spur in the Diamir Face, for the first time. Friends of the Italian launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance the rescue. The initiators made it clear that donations that were not used for the search would go to schools in Pakistan that Daniele had regularly supported on this and previous expeditions. That doesn‘t sound optimistic either.

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