Summit successes on Lhotse reported

The Sherpa team of “Imagine Nepal”

They used the first weather window. According to consistent reports, twelve mountaineers from the team of the Nepalese expedition operator “Imagine Nepal” reached the summit of the 8516-meter-high Lhotse today. A five-man Sherpa team – Kili Pemba, Tamting Sherpa, Pemba Chote Sherpa, Ang Jangbu Sherpa and Dendi Sherpa – fixed the ropes to the highest point. Another seven climbers followed, among them the Greek Christina Flampouri and the Pakistani Sirbaz Kahn.

First Pakistani success, first Greek woman

Sirbaz Khan, the first Pakistani who scaled Lhotse

Before 31-year-old Sirbaz, no climber from Pakistan had summited the fourth highest mountain on earth. Christina is the first woman from Greece to scale Lhotse. Her compatriot Zaharias Kiriakakis was the first Greek to reach the summit in 2008, two years later he disappeared on his descent from the summit of Makalu.

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